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Benefits of using Clean Natural


Clean Home

Enjoy your tidy and sanitised home thoroughly cleaned by our professional cleaner.

Improved health

Use of eco-friendly cleaning products increases your well-being and better for the environment.

Extra Free-time

Save you time what you can spend with your family, work, or hobbies.

Shrink your carbon footprint

We donate to plant 1 tree at TreeSisters, when you make a booking and for every 4th cleaning session completed. In total, we have planted 216 trees so far. 




Covid-19 government guideline for domestic cleaners

 Domestic cleaning companies are allowed to provide cleaning services in people's home as long as: 

  • The cleaners are not displaying symptoms of coronavirus.
  • Nobody in the household is self-isolating due to having COVID-19 symptoms.
  • nobody in the household belongs to the ‘Shielded Group’.

    The safety guidance also states that cleaners: 

  • Once arrive, the cleaners have to wash their hands with soap for 20 seconds in warm water. Additionally, they should wash their hands regularly during their time at the property.
  • Should maintain a 2m distance from household occupants, whenever possible.  
  • wear a face mask indoors, if 2 metres distance is not possible. 
  • open windows while working to allow the room to ventilate. 

    Experienced and insured cleaners

    At our cleaning company, all our Cleaner contractors have a minimum of 6 months experience working as a cleaner. Additionally, every one of our Cleaners has to go through identity, right-to-work and reference checks. Furthermore, all Cleaner contractors are covered by Employer and Public Liability Insurance underwritten by Hiscox Insurance Company Limited (with a £250 excess).


    Eco-friendly cleaning products

    Clean Natural is an eco cleaning company. We advocate the use of natural cleaning products to better the environment. Additionally, using natural cleaning products are better for your and our Cleaners’ health.
    Therefore, our Cleaners will use their own natural cleaning detergents for the first cleaning session for free. The cleaning detergents are non-toxic and made from natural biodegradable ingredients. Also, ideal around children, animals, and sensitive areas.


    Shrink your carbon footprint

    It is extremely important for us at Clean Natural to minimise our environmental impact and support the effort to make a sustainable future for future generations. Planting trees and growing forests are a very effective way to reduce our carbon footprint. Therefore, we donate to plant 1 tree at TreeSisters after each new customer booking and after every 4th cleaning session completed.

    In each month, we post an update of the number of trees planted on our website, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts. You can shrink your own carbon footprint by using Clean Natural to cleaning your home.


    Number of Trees planted

    • Last month: 30
    • Total: 216

    Easy online payment

    When filling in our booking form you need to provide your card details to secure your booking. When you make the booking, we only charge your card a £9 booking deposit, which will be included in your first payment. Full payment will only be taken 1-3 days after the completion of your cleaning session. Our payment service provider is, one of the safest way to accept payments online. Moreover, we do not store your card details on our servers at any time.

    Dedicated Customer Service

    For Clean Natural, our customers happiness is the most important.
    If you have any questions, you can email us on [email protected] or call us on between:
    Mon-Sat: 9.30-5.30 p.m.

    Benefits of eco-cleaning products

    • As effective as other leading brands. Kills 99.97% harmful bacteria’s and leaving all surfaces clean and shine.
    • Made from natural ingredients and plant extracts.
    • Naturally Antibacterial, mildly Antiseptic and non-Toxic, ideal around children, animals and sensitive areas.
    • Plant-based ingredients such as aloe vera, coconut oil and sugar pack a real punch.
    • Leaving nothing harmful behind.
    • Fresh plant based fragrance.
    • Fast and complete biodegradability.
    • Minimum impact on aquatic life.
    • Against animal testing.
    • Packaging materials are 100% recyclable and will be recycled at our cleaning company.

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