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For Clean Natural, the most important is to keep our customers and cleaners happy, while helping the environment by using eco-friendly cleaning products.

The happiness of our customers:

No business can thrive without a happy customer. Only a happy customer will return and use our cleaning services regularly. Therefore, we put great emphasis on the quality of the cleaning to be excellent. Above all, we provide only experienced Cleaners, who are quick and clean to a high standard. Moreover, we also keep our prices low, so our cleaning services can be affordable to customers on every budget.

Happiness of our cleaners:

It is important for the Cleaners to feel valued financially and as a person. As a result, we treat our Cleaners with the utmost respect, as they work very hard to clean the homes of our clients. Additionally, we always help and encourage them, if they have any difficulties to overcome and improve their cleaning knowledge and skills. We pay them at least £10/hour and above, so they can earn a decent living.

Helping the environment:

We feel that it is increasingly necessary nowadays to do our bit to minimise our impact on the environment. Hence, we use eco-friendly cleaning products, which are safer to the environment, better for health and personal well-being. Moreover, we encourage every one of our customers to use eco-friendly cleaning products, so our and our children’s future will be brighter.


We encourage all of our valued clients to leave feedback about our cleaning services on Google. Please, feel free to check out for yourself what some of our existing customers had to say about our cleaning services.

Milou Gort *****

Great service. Have been using it for over a year. Very professional and if I need to change or our cleaner is sick they always have a replacement. Would recommend it !

Nina Njindou *****

Great service, the cleaners are very dedicated, never late. The office team is also very good. If the cleaner is sick, they will find a replacement. Great company to work with.

Jay Barrymore *****

Laszlo and his team (especially Erzsike) are excellent, professional and I would highly recommend.

Ruth Gee *****

 I have been very pleased with the service.

Janos M *****

Great Service! I use this company for on-off cleanings and they always do a reliable and excellent job. Their customer service is very helpful and the cleaners are nice and efficient. I am pleased with their services and I can only highly recommend them.

Ileana Parodi *****

I was extremely pleased with Clean Natural. I booked them for one-off clean before moving into my new home. They were extremely professional, thorough and did an excellent job. In addition, their cleaning products smell great too!

Alex playz *****

 Very friendly and good communication with the office. The cleaner just come and does the job, and I am more than greatful! As a busy mum all I want is a hassle free and professional service and that’s what I found. Been with Clean Natural almost a year now and very happy to recommend.

Edyta Joanna *****

Very friendly and good communication with the office. The cleaner just comes and does the job, and I am more than grateful! As a busy mum, all I want is a hassle-free and professional service and that’s what I found. Been with Clean Natural almost a year now and very happy to recommend.

Claudia Alves *****

I have been a customer for Clean Natural for over a year on a regular basis. I am very happy with their service. They are very professional, reliable and friendly. I highly recommend them.

Viktoria Heder *****

Very pleased with both the service, staff and cleaning provided. Laszlo was very friendly dealing with our enquires when booking and the Cleaners always left the house spotless. Thoroughly recommended!

Toofan Haghani *****

This company provided me with a trustworthy and quick cleaning. Their services are highly recommended.

Anahita Iranpour *****

This company is trustworthy, very well supported with good employees. I have been benefited from their services a couple of time. I 100% recommend them. Very clean, very fast and trustable.

Mateus Fay *****

Excellent company!!! Very reliable and efficient!! Amazing service with all natural products!!!!! I highly recommend it!!!

Clean Natural provide all the necessary eco-friendly cleaning products for the first cleaning session for free and for an additional £2/hour thereafter. However, we need you to have the following tools ready

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