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House cleaning should be carried out regularly. A tidy and clean home will improve your quality of life and well-being. Keeping your home organised and clean will make it look attractive. When your house is tidy, it will save you time and reduce your stress level. A clean home will result in a happier environment for both your family members and pets. It is strongly advisable to carry out certain cleaning tasks regularly to keep your home clean and tidy. In this blog article, we will write some house cleaning tips on how dusting should be carried out.

House cleaning equipment needed for dusting

It is important to carry out dusting regularly using a microfiber duster and cleaning cloths. You can also use feather dusters for thick dust as they break down the dust very effectively. You can use a hand-held vacuum to pick up the dust afterwards immediately. Feather dusters can be used on any surface without scratching it. You can pick up all the small particles with them as they attract the dirt.

Surfaces to dust

It is important not to leave out any area when dusting include all the corners of the room and hard to reach surfaces. It is important to always start cleaning from the top and gradually move downwards when dusting. Dust ceiling fans, light fittings and any electronic items thoroughly as they are usually covered thickly with dirt. Electricity attracts dirt like magnets. Make sure that all the blinds and curtains are raised, so all the surfaces can be dusted properly including curtain poles, drapery tops. Be extra cautious with picture frames and always hold it steady with one hand when dusting it.

In order to save time, move the items before you start dusting. If you would need to pick up items each time when you need to dust under it, it would slow you down. Moreover, you might accidentally drop the item.Dust all the surface of every furniture in the room including their tops, sides, legs and base. Baseboards can be overlooked easily when dusting. Clean baseboards can make your home look so much nicer. Use damp microfiber cloth covered with small amount of cleaning product for better results when cleaning dirty baseboards, light switch panels and door handles.

Once you finished with all the dusting and cleaning in the room, only then hoover the floor at the end. When you finished cleaning a room, close the door, so the dirt would not come back when dusting the other rooms of the house.

Contact Clean Natural for regular cleaning

At Clean Natural, we would be happy to assist you with your regular cleaning tasks, so you will have more free-time for yourself. Our Cleaners are experts in house cleaning and could leave your home spotless. If you would like to have your home cleaned regularly with a professional house cleaning company, then contact us! You can book your cleaning online through our website. Alternatively, if you have any questions email us at [email protected] or call us on 020 8610 9695.

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