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Professional domestic cleaning services include the cleaning of the hardwood floor surfaces.

In this blog article, we are writing about how to clean and maintain the hardwood surfaces the most effectively.

Types of coating for hardwood floors

Modern surface-sealed:

  • Polyurethane
  • Urethane
  • Polyacrylic

These are water- and stain-resistant and easy to clean surfaces.

Older or prefinished surface-sealed:

  • shellac
  • lacquer
  • varnish
  • wax

These types of seal finishes are not as long lasting as modern-sealed hardwood surfaces. Therefore, they require gentle care.

Unfinished hardwood floors are the easiest to damage with improper cleaning. So, it must be treated with greatest care when cleaning.

It is always the best to clean and maintain your hardwood floor according to the manufacturer instructions. If you are unsure about the type of coating your hardwood floor has, clean it with the gentlest cleaning method to avoid damage.

Domestic cleaning services – cleaning method of hardwood floor

1.  Take off your shoes or slippers

While you are cleaning the floor, it is better to remove your shoes or slippers, so you would not dirty it when mopping it up.  

2.  Remove dirt from the floor

Hoover the floor with the hoover head on bare floor setting for not scratching the surface of the floor. Be careful not to use hoover with rotating brush when vacuuming the hardwood floor, as it can damage the surface. Alternatively, you can sweep up the floor with a soft-bristled broom to remove all the larger dirt particles.

3.  Mop it up

The safest option would be to use the appropriate hardwood floor cleaning solution recommended by your manufacturer. If unsure, put small amount of soap or washing up liquid into a bucket of water. Moreover, you can use distilled water can be a good way to prevent hard-water stains.

It is better to always clean the hardwood floor only with a slightly dampened microfiber mop. Make sure that the water is squeezed out of it fully. Firstly, start in the furthest part of the room and move towards the door along with the grain of the wood. Rinse the mop often and change the bucket of water when it gets very dirty. Make sure that the mop is always only slightly damp before you continue. Furthermore, make sure to dry up immediately any excess water on the floor, so it would not cause any damage to the coating.

4.  Scrub the areas with stains

There can be dirt on the floor, which cannot be removed with the mop easily. In this case, you should scrub the stain directly with a small amount of soap applied on a microfiber cloth using your hands.

5.  Clean the floor again with a clean slightly damp mop

For better result, dip the mop into a bucket of clean water. After clean the floor again with a slightly damp mop to remove any cleaning solution residue. Optionally, you can dry up the floor with a microfiber cloth to avoid streaking and give a nice shine to it.

Domestic cleaning services – how to maintain the hardwood floor

 1. Take off your shoes when you arrive home

The dirt and grit falling off the shoes can damage the surface of the floor. Best to avoid it by removing the shoes at the door.

2.  Regularly remove the dirt from the floor

Do not let the dirt (pet hair, food debris, etc…) to build up on the hardwood surface. Sweep or hoover the floor every or every other day. Mop it up with a slightly damp mop on a fortnightly or monthly basis. Also, there is no need to mop it every week, as it only shortens the lifetime of the coating of the floor.

3.  Clean up spills immediately

If there is any fluid spillage to the hardwood floor, dry it up straight away. Use a slightly wet microfiber cloth first and after a dry cloth to soak up any moisture. Do not allow the fluid to dry up itself.

4.  Do not use abrasive cleaning products

You must not use bleach, ammonia-based or any other cleaning solutions that leave residue behind. It could damage the hardwood and you can lose the manufacturer warranty on the floor.

Furthermore, if you are interested in domestic cleaning services advice on how to remove marks and stains from hardwood floor, read this article. Alternatively, Oh So Spotless has a detailed comprehensive guide on how to clean hardwood floors. 

When you need a professional domestic cleaning services, do not hesitate to book your cleaning with Clean Natural. Alternatively, you can email us at [email protected] or call today on 020 86109695.


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