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Professional domestic cleaners can clean the window and other glass surfaces perfectly without leaving any streaks and residues behind. Glass surfaces show every little imperfection, if not cleaned using the right equipment and cleaning solutions.

Equipment used by domestic cleaners to clean glass

Domestic cleaners use squeegees, microfiber cloth, special glass cleaning liquids to clean glass surfaces. Using squeegees makes it faster to clean the glass without leaving any residues and streaks behind. Moreover, white vinegar can be used instead of cleaning liquid. White vinegar is a natural, inexpensive, non-toxic and antibacterial cleaning product. Create cleaning solution by adding 1 portion of white vinegar to 4 portions of (distilled) water. Use distilled water for better results. Normal tap water is hard and could leave your glass streaky with magnesium and calcium residues. Moreover, you can use black and white newspapers to give glass surfaces a bright shine. When cleaning with newspaper, use gloves to keep your hands clean.

Cleaning with a squeegee

When cleaning the window glass, the best results can be achieved in cloudy or rainy weather. Strong sunshine would quickly dry up the window and leave streaks behind. Before you start leave towels on the window sills, especially if they are made of wood.

Firstly, spray some window cleaning solution to the upper part of the glass. Wipe off the glass with a squeegee, starting from the top and move towards to the bottom. Swiping the glass horizontally from one side to the other. When you are moving the squeegee sideways, catch up the dripping cleaning liquid by keeping a microfibre cloth below.

Cleaning with a cleaning cloth

If you clean glass with a cleaning cloth, then spray the cleaning solution to the cloth. Alternatively, if the glass surface is large then it can be more practical to spray it directly on the glass. Firstly, rub
the glass in a circular motion to get rid of all the dirt. After, wipe the surface with vertical strokes and finally horizontally to make the glass look shiny.

Once you finished, you can clean the corners of the window with a microfibre cloth, cotton swab or even a soft toothbrush.  Additionally, you can use black and white newspapers or old cotton T-shirt to give glass surfaces a bright shine. When cleaning with newspaper, use gloves to keep your hands clean. 

We recommend Spotless Team if you need a professional window cleaner company to clean all your windows from the outside as well. 

If you need help from expert domestic cleaners to clean all your glass surfaces shiny and streak free from the inside only as part of a regular cleaning, then please contact us on 020 86109695. Alternatively, you can book your cleaning online at our website orsend us an email at [email protected].


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