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As part of the home cleaning services, leather surfaces are cleaned professionally by experienced cleaners. Leather sofas are very useful if you have children or pets, as it is easier to wipe off clean the leather surface then most other fabric upholstery surfaces.

However, we need to be careful what cleaning products we use for cleaning of leather surface as it could damage the surface permanently. It is recommended to clean thoroughly the sofa every 3-6 months. If you neglect it, then the dirt and grime will build up on it.

What you need to clean the leather sofa

Vacuum cleaner

2 Microfiber cloths

Optionally for more thorough cleaning you can use:

Leather wipes

Warm soapy water

White vinegar and water in equal proportion

Leather care kit:  leather cleaner and protector.  Be aware not to use the leather kit on coated or bonded sofa as it could cause damage to it.

Home cleaning services – cleaning methods of the leather surfaces


Remove the dirt from the surfaces

Firstly, take off the throws and cushions first from the sofa. Check the sides and corners for accumulated rubbish and remove them. Once it is all clear then start vacuuming on a low sucking power using the brush head to avoid scratching the surface. When hoovering use a slow sweeping motion. Suck out all the dirt from the hard to reach sides and the corners using the crevice tool of the hoover. Try to remove all the dust particles as they can damage the sofa if they encounter with moisture. For a regular weekly cleaning to maintain the sofa dirt free that should be enough to clean it.


Check the label

Before starting to clean your leather sofa, you should always check the label. It is usually attached to the bottom of the sofa.

  • W – only clean it with water-based cleaning products
  • S or P – only solvents can be used to clean it (dry-clean only).
  • SW or WS – you can use either a water-based cleaning product or solvent cleaner, or a steam cleaner.
  • X – You must not use any water or cleaning detergent on the surface. You need to use professional home cleaning services when you want to clean such an upholstery cleaning company.

Before using any cleaning product on the leather, you should always test it first on a surface not usually visible. Wait until it dries, so you can make sure that you can apply it to the rest of the sofa without damaging it.  

Leather wipes

For regular weekly cleaning of your leather sofa, you can use leather wipes. They are are suitable for most variety of sofas except nubuck and suede. The wipes only contain a very mild detergent that will not damage the leather.

Warm soapy water

If you would like to clean your leather sofa more thoroughly then the best is to use warm soapy water. You should only add a small amount of soap to the water, only a few drops. Soak the microfiber cloth in it and wring it out. Make sure that your cloth is only slightly damp not leaving water marks behind. Rub the cloth only gently along all the surfaces including corners and sides. Be careful not to rub the sofa to hard with the cloth as it could damage the surface and push any dirt deeper inside the fabric. Work your way from the up towards the bottom of the sofa.

Once you have cleaned off all the surface then immediately dry up all the excess water on the surface with a second dry cloth. 

How to remove stain from leather sofa using a natural product

Using white vinegar is natural way to clean your leather sofa. Mix the white vinegar with water 1:1. Apply the solution to the stain directly and then wipe it off with a dry and completely clean microfiber cloth. If you would like to remove the smell of the white vinegar, you can apply a small amount of warm soapy water on it and let it dry itself. It is better to clean stains as soon as it occurs, as it is easier to remove.  

Deeper cleaning

If your sofa needs a more thorough cleaning, then it is better to use leather cleaning kit, if it is allowed by your manufacturer. A leather cleaning kit usually includes a leather cleaner, which is able to clean deeply the fabric of the sofa. Spray the leather cleaner onto a sponge included in the kit and wait until the foam sinks in. Using circular movements, rub it into the sofa softly. Once done, with only a slightly damp cloth remove any excess foam. Then apply a small amount of leather protector on a dry cloth and rub it gently into the leather evenly on all the surface. The leather protector will protect the leather to dry out and stopping the cracks to appear.  It also defends the leather fabric from stains getting into it deeply.

For more tips on how to remove different kinds of stains from your leather sofa, you can visit this website.

If you would like to use specialist home cleaning services to deep clean your leather sofa then you should contact a professional upholstery cleaning company.  

If you would need professional home cleaning services for regular domestic cleaning, please contact us today. Send us an email at [email protected] or call us today on 020 86109695. You can also book your cleaning online today!


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