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As part of the residential cleaning services, our cleaners at Clean Natural they clean vinyl floors thoroughly. Vinyl floors are a popular choice for flooring as they are very durable, inexpensive and easy to maintain. However, vinyl floors need small amount of regular cleaning to avoid damage. Vinyl is most used in kitchens. Asphalt and other ground in dirt is trailed through on shoes will be affecting the quality of the floor resulting in the floor yellowing over time.

Residential cleaning tips:

Have a doormat

The best way to maintain vinyl floor to get dirty to clean your shoes carefully at the doormat before entering your home. It is even better to remove your shoes immediately after entering. Vinyl floor can get damaged when dirt such as grit or chemicals from asphalt from your shoes get on to it. Grit would remove the sheen off the vinyl floor, meanwhile chemicals from asphalt would make it yellow.


Sweep regularly

Regular sweeping of debris is necessary on vinyl floors. It is advisable to create a daily routine of sweeping the vinyl floor to prevent dirt to get ground in causing discolouration. Use a soft brush or hoover with a soft head attachment the floor gently when cleaning. Do not use a hoover with a beater bar as it could scratch to floor. Make sure that you clean regularly every part of the floor including under furniture and alongside the baseboards.


Remove spills immediately

Vinyl floor is non-absorbent, so liquid spills will stay in a puddle until cleaned up. If spills are left for long staying on the floor could damage to it. Moreover, it is hazardous as people can slip in the puddle causing injuries. Therefore, it is important to clean up any spillage right away with a damp cloth or a wrung-out mop and dry it up carefully.


Install protective feet on furniture and heavy appliances

Heavy items such as furniture and appliances could dent vinyl flooring. Therefore, it is advisable to apply floor protectors on them to avoid damage. You can fit felt tips on the bottom of the chair and table legs, so it would not scratch the floor when moved around. When moving heavy items on vinyl flooring, make sure to use plywood sheeting along the path you are pushing the items, so it would not scratch the surface of the vinyl floor.


Use the right cleaning detergent

Vinyl floor needs to be cleaned using mild chemicals. Harsh, abrasive cleaning detergents such as bleach-based chemicals could remove the shine off the flooring. When cleaning the vinyl floor, add some mild soap or small amount of washing up liquid to a bucket of warm water. Alternatively, for better results you can use apple cider vinegar, as it leaves no residue and the vinegar smell will fade away when dried up. Adding a few drops of jojoba oil to the water mixed with the vinegar will make the floor shinier.


Removing stains

If there is still tougher stain on vinyl floor after mopping, bicarbonate of soda is great way to remove stains. On certain types and coloured vinyl flooring, apply alcohol or bleach diluted with water to remove stain. First clean the surface of the stain with a white damp cloth with warm water and rub the stain mark with a soft cloth. You can read more tips on how to remove different types of stains by clicking this link.


Use only lukewarm water and a slightly damp mop

Be careful when mopping, you must not drench the floor. The mop head must be only slightly damp. Too much water will get into any cracks and edges between the corners and the bottom of cabinets. The water would ruin the glue bond holding it in place.  Vinyl will eventually come loose, and the corners would begin to curl up.  The water you use should not be hot as it could affect the glue holding the vinyl down. Use lukewarm water only. For additional safety, you can use a second dry mop to dry up any excess water when mopping the floor.

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