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-Clean Natural cleaning services London based domestic cleaning company. We advocate the use of natural cleaning products, when cleaning your home. Natural cleaning products are not only environment-friendly, but they are better for your health. In this article, we are writing about the best methods on how to clean and maintain granite surfaces.

Granite is another delicate porous stone like marble, which requires great care when cleaning the surfaces. It is widely used in kitchen as worktops or in bathrooms as counter-tops. Granite stone is created from volcanic magma, which has high heat and water resistance and it is exceptionally durable material. However, granite surfaces need special attention and regular cleaning to stay shiny and stain free.


1. Cleaning services London tips – How to clean and disinfect granite

  • How to clean granite worktops 

You need a bucket filled with warm water mixed with a small amount of washing-up liquid to clean granite. Make sure that there are suds forming on the top of the surface. For best cleaning result, apply only the suds on a microfiber cloth or sponge and wipe down the granite surfaces with it. The microfiber cloth should be only slightly damp and not wet. Wipe the entire surface of the granite moving all appliances out of the way. When cleaning, it is better to use circular motions, so all the crumbs and debris will be picked up. Also, it is better to go down on eye level with the surface, so you can spot every dirt and remove them. Once all surface has been cleaned, dry it immediately with a dry microfiber cloth to avoid water stains to appear. Dry the surface thoroughly, in order to make your granite counter-top shiny and streak-free. In case you want to have a deeper clean, then you can use a specific granite cleaner liquid. You need to clean the surfaces of granite on a regular daily basis to maintain it in a good condition.

  • How to clean granite floors

If you have granite floor, make sure you remove dirt every day. Use a clean and dry dust mop. When you hoover granite floor, use the head brush attachment so you would not scratch the surface. Before hoovering, check if the brush and the wheels are in good condition.


  • How to disinfectant granite surface

Additionally, if you like you can disinfect granite worktop with disinfectant solutions. Mix one unit of water and one unit of 91% isopropyl alcohol in a spray bottle. Spray the granite surfaces and leave the solution on it for 3-5 minutes before you clean it with a damp cloth. After drying it off with a dry microfiber cloths.

2. How to remove spills and stains from granite

  • Remove spills at once with a dry microfiber cloth or paper towel

Avoid spilling any liquids including water on the surface of granite. If there is any spillage, then make sure that you remove it immediately using a clean and dry microfiber cloth or paper towel. Instead of wiping it off, just place the cloth or paper towel on top of the spillage and let it soak it up without moving the liquid around.

  • Clean up the spillage or food stain with hot water and washing up liquid

If there is a food stain or larger spillage of liquid, it is better to pour hot water to a mug and add some washing up liquid to it. Stir it up and apply the suds on a clean microfiber clots and clean the affected area thoroughly. Clean the stain until it is removed totally.

  • Use baking soda to remove oil stains or hydrogen peroxide for juice/water stains.
  • Mix 3 units of baking soda with 1 unit of warm water for oil stains.
  • Put 3 units of hydrogen peroxide in 1 unit of warm water for juice or water stains.

Mix the ingredients in a mug. Thereafter, pour the cleaning solution over the oil stain or the juice/water stain. Rub it in using a clean microfiber cloth. After, clean it off with a mix of warm water and washing up liquid to remove any residue, Finally, dry up the area using a dry microfiber cloth.


3. How to maintain and protect granite

  • Check the seal cover and reseal it if necessary

Sealers do not make the granite completely stain- and water-resistant, but it gives a layer of protection. It is necessary to reseal the granite surfaces usually every 2-3 years.

Click on this link to read step by step instruction on how to seal granite counter-top.

  • Avoid using acidic, abrasive chemicals on granite as it causes damage to it

Do not clean granite surfaces with bleach, ammonia, limescale remover, vinegar, lemon and other acidic, abrasive chemicals. They can ruin the sealer and discolour granite surfaces. Also, always read the label on the cleaning product before you use it on granite.

  • Prevent damage

Place coasters under glasses to avoid liquid spillage onto the granite. Do not leave items on granite surfaces, which contain oil, cream or liquids. Furthermore, insert trivets under very hot dishes, so it would not come into contact directly with granite. Do not use scrubby side of sponges or stainless steel scourers. Moreover, if you have granite floor, place doormats outside the main front door and ask visitors to remove shoes when entering your home.


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