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As a professional cleaning business, it is very important for us that all our experienced cleaners use the best techniques when hoovering to clean your home to the highest standard in the fastest possible time.

Vacuuming to a high standard is not that easy and straight-forward as many people might think.

In this blog, we write about the best techniques, which could save you time and effort, when hoovering your own home.

When hoovering is not done properly at your home you can spot the followings:

  • Dark lines appear along the edge of the wall and on the frequently used part of the carpet.
  • You have too much dust at your home all the time.
  • Your feet or socks get dirty when walking around.
  • Your home develops an unpleasant old house smell.
  • Sustained allergic reactions when indoors.

Cleaning business tips:

1. Dust the surfaces first before hoovering

Make sure that you dust all the surfaces before your start hoovering. When dusting make sure that you start from the top and work downwards direction. Therefore, all the dirt particles would fall from the surfaces above to the floor and can be sucked up. To learn about best dusting practice, you can read our previous blog

2. Clear the area from items

Before you start hoovering put away all the items scattered on the floor such as toys, clothing and any objects should not be there. Especially, we need to be extra careful to remove all the small items from the floor, which can be sucked up by the hoover and potentially cause damage to it. Removing the items first from the floor will save you time, as you can hoover swiftly without any obstructions.

3. Empty dust basket regularly

Make sure before you start hoovering, that the dust basket is completely empty. Moreover, check the brush is clear from any debris such as hair or other small items. You can save a lot of time, if the dust bag is empty and the brush is clear, as the suction power would otherwise decrease significantly. For best suction performance, stop hoovering and remove the dirt from the dust basket once it is half full. 

4. Hoover the carpet both horizontal and vertical directions

Carpets have small fibres, which get dirty all around. Therefore, you need to vacuum the carpet both directions horizontally and vertically to remove the dust effectively. Firstly, hoover the whole carpet vertically and once finished then hoover it horizontally. In the heavily used parts of the carpet, you can repeat the process again for deeper clean.

5. Vacuum slowly

For greater results, it is advisable to vacuum the carpet using slow motions to allow the hoover to properly suck up all the dirt particles. As you progress with the vacuuming, it is better to overlap slightly the previously hoovered area. Therefore, the edge of the vacuum head can suck up some additional dust from the area already covered.

 6. Use the crevice head at the edges

In order to avoid dust heavily accumulate next to the edges of the room, use the crevice tool twice a month to hoover this area. You can also use the crevice tool for the corners of the room, sills, ledges, stairs, railing posts and alongside and underneath the furniture.  

7. Use upholstery attachment for soft materials

For wool, silk or other fine materials should be vacuumed by using the upholstery attachment or with the hose only. Soft materials should be vacuumed slowly, carefully avoid causing damage to it. Never use beater brush on soft materials. 

8. Adjust the height for different surfaces

If you clean tiles, hardwood or other hard surfaces do not forget to push out the brush on the head.  Otherwise, suction power would decrease substantially, and you might also scratch the surface of the floor. Therefore, make sure that you always adjust the height of the brush according to the type of the surface for best suction power.

9. Hoover your home regularly

As a cleaning business, we recommend to set regular hoovering schedule and stick to it. Hoover the floor minimum once a week. If you have pets or children, you should hoover even 2 or 3 times a week as the floor gets dirty much quicker. The bottom of the carpet can be very dirty even if it seems clean from the top, as dirt can build up deep in the fibre. Hoovering more frequently on a regular basis would help removing the allergens stuck deep inside the carpet fibres. It is advisable to vacuum underneath smaller furniture once a month and heavier furniture at least once a year. Also, remove carpet stains immediately when noticed to maintain the carpet in a good condition for longer.

As a professional cleaning business, our experienced cleaners could hoover your home quickly and efficiently for you. Please, contact us by sending an email at [email protected] or call us today on 020 86109695. You can  book your cleaning online on our website!


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